“Dinde fitre ve zekât, lâiklikte sosyal devlet”

Fakir Çocuklara Yardım Derneği’nin toplantısında diğer burjuva hanımlar not tutarken, Demet (Belgin Doruk), ikinci karede görünenleri karalıyor. Müthiş! Metin Erksan’ın Suçlular Aramızda (1964) filminden. Erksan olsun, Ertem Göreç olsun, Atıf Yılmaz olsun, bu beylerin 1960’larda çektikleri tüm filmlerin meftunuyum.



Baş Kavurma

I can have this everyday all throughout this summer.

Baş Kavurma.jpg


Good covers are even better than the originals. Here, I give you The Car’s Drive by The Paradise Motel, another Ausie gem from mid-1990s—sadly, long defunct. Her name is Merida Sussex. There is something in her voice.

Ordinary Things

I’ve finally started reading Özge Samancı’s Ordinary Things. It makes me happy.

Özge's gaze

© 2008 Özge Samancı

Computer sheet

Computer sheet! That’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for. A piece of digital paper connected to a mainframe that you can fold and carry in your pocket. From ENIAC to a highly portable interface. Great! I’ve always loved science fiction! Came across in the Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica‘s pilot. Although I’d prefer the Singularity, where there’d hopefully be no need for a physical interface, a computer sheet would do just fine until we get there. The concept calls for a new name though. Computer sheet reminds me of this, and even bring back memories of punched computer cards. And, yes, I do definitely remember my previous post regarding Battlestar Galactica. It’s crap. Caprica too follows the trail of post 9/11 trauma, and depends on the notorious dichotomy of Samuel P. Huntington. It is Dallas with a touch of technological inspiration for our age.

Computer sheet folded

Computer sheet